Pecon2017-06-26 00:20:38
Pecon2016-08-25 21:54:01
Came back and looked at this again today, no idea how I didn't see the solution last time.
Pecon2016-08-18 04:56:53
Got this far on the first level.

I'm assuming the red door is a teleport to the blue circle thing. I wasn't able to figure out how to get to it without dying, though.

Pretty neat recreation.
Pecon2016-03-07 14:36:34
I like how Skyrim is in both graphics tiers.
Pecon2016-01-04 04:58:42
The fact you have to hurdle through this bullshit to install or update the JRE is part of the reason I think Java is quickly dying out in desktop applications.
Pecon2015-05-19 23:41:38
I remember this episode but can't remember why Leela decided to agree with Zapp on his own trial.
Pecon2014-06-27 23:28:46
Just some people.