nal2017-06-26 21:24:17
if the forum ended I honestly would feel satisfied, like not happy in the edgy way, but like

satisfied with what the forum gave everyone, is that weird?
nal2017-06-26 20:26:33
LMAO who put I Pitchfork
nal2017-06-26 18:33:57
i wanna fuck a dog
Nal2017-06-26 18:25:10
I Pitchfork
nal2017-06-26 17:57:25
hey nal stop impersonating me i'm nal
nal2017-06-26 17:54:05
i wanna fuck a dog
nal2017-06-26 17:51:47
what the heck is even going on in here why are people impersonating me lol
nal2017-06-26 17:43:17
god i fucking love fanboy & chumchum. anyone want to /meetup/ and do a marathon?
Nal2017-06-26 17:33:49
i just cumed my pants
Nal2017-06-26 15:32:16
im straight
Nal2017-06-26 15:28:27
im gay
Nal2017-06-26 15:24:01
watching people try to discuss politics in here is probably the dumbest shit I've seen all year

good job friends
Nal2017-06-26 00:00:03
can we please just close the forums and never open them again

I'd love that
nal2014-08-07 12:04:51
holy fuck lol
nal2014-05-05 09:43:08
Lol, I wonder if anyone actually bought it from there at that price