Goron2005-10-14 09:14:12
Goron2005-10-14 09:13:42
Oh jesus, why'd I have to come back to see more imposters spaming this place up? I"ll just wonder off now.
Goron2005-10-08 21:04:16
MP, you didn't add me, I'm loyal to TBM :'( I'm now going to cry.
Goron2005-10-04 08:05:28
Ratty and Packer, stop, we can all tell you are the same people. you have the exact same IP >_>. I like speaking my mind :D
Goron2005-10-03 20:39:20
Hello everyone.
Goron2005-10-03 17:27:45
Codejunky....... not flaming, but the beta for TBM 2.0 has been out for a while now. BTW nice site Badspot.