Mass Effect Comic Pod Acquaintances
Lilith? Who? Oh... that was like 25 hours ago.

Mass Effect Comic 'Pod Acquaintances'

Panel 1
Shepard: Gasp! It's one of the crew!
Lilith: Help!
Shepard: er.. it's one of the colonists!

Panel 2
Shepard: Wait a minute, who the hell is this? And why is she all melty?
Lilith: Help! aaaah! blarghlsplit
Shepard: Gross. Well, moving on.

Panel 3
Shepard: Gasp! It's Kelly!
Kelly: Help!
Shepard: We should probably open these things!

Tingalz2010-05-08 14:46:30
No, we should wait and see if she melts. Then, we can figure out if we should open the next one.
Sue2010-05-08 14:48:44
Lol, Tingalz.
Good work Badspot
Comr4de2010-05-08 15:00:55
Jacob/Lee2010-05-08 16:53:41
Haha, I never played the game but that was still pretty funny.
Fjeld2010-05-08 19:03:12
haha nice
Tezuni2010-05-08 19:41:55
Shafin2010-05-09 01:40:09
Ha :D
Makingblah2010-05-09 14:24:24
You draw women very well.
MackTheHunter2010-05-09 20:07:15
Fantastic :D
Qwepir2010-05-09 20:44:06
First time around I accidentally skipped the cutscene that had Lilith in it, so when I saw her get melted I wondered why it even gave her a name instead of just "colonist"
Nightelf212010-05-11 13:29:41
Deriboy2010-05-12 03:05:01
Cool. Kinda strange, but cool.
Xoax2010-05-12 08:42:07
Both of the comics you've made are hilarious.
Ector2010-05-13 17:10:06
Love it. Kudos.
Lil Robot2010-05-14 09:02:51
Well-executed. It's hilarious :3
Flamecannon2010-05-17 23:43:48
What's with her arm :
Killermushy2010-05-30 23:23:09
W2010-06-05 08:00:33
I was just glad I got there in time to save Kelly ... I'd have been devastated if my only chance for girl girl love was melted in an alien ship.
AlexGT2010-08-10 13:34:43
Plant2010-08-31 20:29:18
Magic Mirror: "BLARGHPLST"

Old Woman: "Oh well. Moving on."
5er2010-11-25 15:52:00
Bravo 9182010-11-26 17:51:24
lol ive played both games keep making these they're hiliarious
masseffectgirl 2010-12-29 21:03:31
How can you tell the difference from box 1 and 3?Kelly is supposed to have the cerberus logo on the shoulder of her uniform,right?
masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 14:02:31
Yeah. People Kelly is supposed to have the cerberus logo on the shoulder of her uniform.
starwarsweirdo 2011-01-09 21:09:34
I love this comic. I was playing the scene where kelly and the rest of th crew had been taken but i hadn't noticed my parents were filming me and i was commenting on how stupid the scene was.Anyway, they showed me it afterwards and in the video i found myself saying ''Awww the bitch i was flirting with is dead.Who's going to feed my fish now?Shit!" BTW,masseffectgirl is right.Kelly is supposed to have the Cerberus logo on the shoulder of her uniform.
masseffectgirl2011-01-10 21:33:49
Thanks starwarsweirdo. LOL on the parent thing.
Badspot2011-01-10 22:15:16
She does have a Cerberus logo on her arm. It is difficult to see because it is orange and covered by orange glass.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 15:01:44
She does not. Anyways, it's still a really good comic.
2011-01-17 18:30:55
she does, its a little circly orange thing on the bottom of her right sleeve.
masseffectgirl2011-01-29 20:52:16
Oh, yeah. Now I see it. Sorry.
Crazy_42422011-07-01 02:15:51
Wow good eyes I would have never seen that, anyway you should keep making these, they're great.
starwarsweirdo2011-07-22 12:31:46
I agree, badspot should keep making theese. Oh, anyone who knows what a fanfic. is, check out
TolkienGirl0522013-07-23 22:55:32
*whistles* I remember seeing this way back when :)I'm on, if anyone still checks these comments or cares.

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