1lb Combat Robot Progress
Antweight Combat Robot
I've been working on an antweight combat robot.

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Super Official Podcast 02
Super Official Podcast
Another podcast. We cover many topics, including the video games we're pretending to work on.

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Super Official Podcast 01
Super Official Podcast
I recorded a podcast with fellow fraud game developer Rotondo.

Maybe next time we'll talk about game development.

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Arcade Power Panel
Arcade Power Panel
I tidied up the back of my arcade cabinet with a custom power panel.

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Comic The Moon
Moon Comic
I made a comic about a thing around the planet that I live on. I feel like a small child could have written this.

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Workbench Shelves
DIY Workbench shelves
I built a custom shelving system for my workbench.

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Crowd Funding Fraud Leaderboard
Crowd Funding Leaderboard
It's a scientific fact that every human activity can be improved with some good 'ol gamification - including stealing money from idiots.

Let's take a look at some of the best (?) crowd funding scams ever and see which one comes out on top!

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DuckDuckGo Autocomplete Manipulation
DuckDuckGo Autocomplete
Alternative search engine DuckDuckGo is manipulating their autocomplete algorithm.

While disappointing, this is not surprising.

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Terminator Redux
Terminator Redux
I made this a couple years ago, uploaded it, but forgot to make a post about it.
Enjoy this shortened version of the classic action film "The Terminator".

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Perennial Hat Dispenser
Perennial Game Hats
The most important part of the game - of any game - the hat dispenser.

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