drog2021-12-12 07:56:11
She is hot!
cant make this shit up2021-12-10 05:09:14
this is so funny to read
ERIC2021-12-10 04:38:27
What a weird fucking dude. Probably fucks kids.
2021-12-08 12:37:52
AdBlock filter to block DDG's autocomplete:

MeSheHeWe GAH2021-12-08 02:57:41
Bombi Kilore2021-12-07 22:46:34
Wow. I laove.
Steve Robux2021-12-07 22:45:20
I can't believe this is in my Twitter feed. I'm calling my lawyers.
Rectic2021-12-07 22:42:14
KaizoTrap2021-12-05 04:16:33
its sad you leave Blockland
when the imposter2021-12-02 03:29:01
is sus
lol2021-12-02 03:28:32
uwu2021-11-26 05:07:02
badspot-kun2021-11-26 05:04:49
ummm uhh;... how do i say this... badspot-kun... nghh!!
pls be my waifu!!!
ZAMNN DANIEL2021-11-26 04:58:36
OMG2021-11-26 04:33:53
2021-11-26 04:33:28
Yo mama2021-11-26 04:32:47
Yo mama
lil joshua2021-11-15 23:19:31
lil joshua2021-11-15 23:13:23
yo don't let this die friends
ukiito2021-11-15 01:18:34
Josh2021-11-10 17:26:19
billy2021-11-05 01:42:27
Yep, he's excited alright
Badspot2021-11-04 23:48:06
One guy I banned joined the kiwi farms (founded by another banned blocklander) and then became a school shooter. Another guy swatted a wallmart and his forum records were subpoenaed. Overall I'd say my character judgments have proven quite accurate.

Blockland is not a subscription service. It is not early access. My development efforts enabled thousands of user add-ons, which is more than enough. I owe you nothing. The kids at the school you are planning on shooting up do not owe you their suffering. Leave them be.
2021-11-04 06:18:07
You banned several people just for criticizing the lack of development.
2021-11-04 06:14:51
" With a particularly strong flu season"

Uhhh... you good there Badspot?
2021-11-04 06:05:46
Badspot is a 40-year-old boomer?
Po o Stomper2021-11-04 06:00:53
Maybe it was the part about lying the exciting new possibilities that would be opened up after removing terrain and interiors?
:P2021-11-02 22:55:02
Very helpful. Next chance I get I'm going to do this
omgacat5202021-10-24 19:13:40
Damn. I miss this game, was super fun, maybe a steam workshop? - it would definitely revive the playerbase. This game could get such a cult following, I don't understand the lack of interest in the project! @badspot
dude2021-10-24 19:11:46
Hum2021-10-17 20:55:31
Dude i love the comics, i even bought your gsme years ago. Its nice to see you back every now and again.
SylentRunning2021-10-10 18:27:02
I game quite a bit, and thought I would try it. Visually, it seemed great at first. I sat down, and tried to play it twice. I played it for about 4 hours until I stopped, deleted it, and uninstalled it. I know everyone has their own ideas about what is fun, and what is not. This seemed more like a job than a game. Im glad I didnt pay for it.
Im Annoying2021-10-01 15:26:27
wow, amazing at trying to get sued because this is exactly like sml lol
DE2021-09-29 12:08:08
The Lucent Logo pre-dated the comic. He was in fact making fun of it. I worked for them then and we all thought it was hilarious.
Timbo Slice2021-09-03 00:27:12
Quarantine? Ohhhh did this age well...
Timbo Slice2021-09-03 00:24:38
Am I late to the party? Looks like 7 years late. But I still love the game, it holds a place in my heart.
Badspot2021-08-18 04:34:04
Online multiplayer in a game with strong player interaction like this is not easy to implement. A video streaming solution like steam's remote play together might work.
timmy turner2021-08-18 03:48:49
he be wishin for a burner
the holy gawd2021-08-05 06:09:52
will there be online mutilplayer
Steno2021-08-03 23:07:22
People STILL play this game
Poro Stomper2021-07-27 18:59:19
Man, seeing all these salty people at Badspot for not updating is really disheartening. Imagine someone builds you a car from scratch and when you find out there's something wrong with it, you harrass that person to fix it. So weird man.
busyman2021-07-25 15:55:45
i cant believe they got rid of maps on blockland
The balls2021-07-20 19:28:08
The balls
fuzztoast2021-07-19 18:55:16
unban me pLEASEEEE
Chazpelo2021-07-17 20:29:07
bob, can't people have the right of making things that they like?
THE MYTH2021-07-15 19:23:29
YO BADSPOT. When i started playing this game back in 2008 after my friend put me on. still in my top 10 games all time. I must know if the secret second bedroom on the original bedroom map was real. Not the one made of bricks but a whole second bedroom which was rumoured back in the day.
Empty Sandbox Game2021-07-14 08:12:57
Eve attracts a certain kind of degenerate who for some reason can't admit that they only play Eve because they aren't good at any well designed games on the market. I spent a lot of time trying to play solo only to realize this game doesn't let you play how you want. If you don't join the first circlejerk Corporation in the recruit tab you have already lost. People who say you have to make your own fun with this game are mentally ill. Let me go stare at this wall. Is it a stupid hobby? No. You just have to make your own fun with the wall. Eve Online is a really lazily thought out game, it looks beautiful, but the gameplay is nonexistent. If the community wasn't so delusional it might be more fun for new players, but instead they scare everyone away by being braindead apes, then wonder why the player count is lower than it's been in the past decade and a half. Good riddance from my hard drive, Eve
lol2021-07-12 04:44:11
Bricktronic2021-06-24 02:09:21
Super2021-06-20 03:31:24
posting in epic thread
illidan2021-06-14 14:59:35
I thought about Blockland (and RTB) for the first time today in a long, long while. I can't believe it's already been 14 years since I first downloaded it. 2007 seems like a lifetime ago. I wish so badly I could take a trip back to 2008. Even for just a day, to re-meet all the friends I made. To reexperience the first feeling of building something more impressive than an 8x8 house with no windows. To relive the filming of Idiots of Blockland. I owe so much of my childhood to this game. I really miss everyone and I hope you/they/we/he/she/me/wumbo are all doing alright nowadays.
BobafrigginFeet2021-06-11 07:05:25
badspot makes porn now?
2021-06-11 02:51:59
thanks for this
Taiku2021-06-10 17:21:38
Years later, I'm happy to report that these do in fact exist
Waddles2021-05-31 22:58:00
This game gave me so many good memories It pains me to see that nothing has happened to the game in such a long time, and that caused people to stop playing it. I remember going on prison escape and boss battle servers and having so much fun.. please bring the game back!!! start updating it we might get more people back!!!
Alfredo2021-05-23 05:59:11
Definitely a tits guy
Dr. Mabootoo2021-05-20 03:25:43
Patchwork2021-05-19 19:24:29
Love how some places that were doing fine on gas, ran out solely because people started panic buying from stations. Humanity, ladies and gentlemen. Good to see you still drawing, Badspot.
Meow86712021-05-18 15:40:50
This is pretty good.multiplayer is even more fun :D
2021-04-25 18:24:53
Mr. Annoying2021-04-25 17:27:26
As usual, a Dilbert comic holds up exceedingly well.
2021-04-20 10:45:41
e2021-04-12 16:10:49
i just like the fact that some people took this seriously like its just a joke
science2021-04-12 06:42:16
2021-03-31 17:33:58
i want to die2021-03-22 04:06:31
thank s i cn
i wanna die i can be from this sh*t good luck people who can survive that sh*t
Taiku2021-03-20 04:06:45
Coffee Stain Studios is another one but I think that's a little on the nose.
Blockhead00022021-03-19 20:54:04
Come Sweet Death- Johann Sebastian Bach.

I thought the presence of the piece fitting, we are near an equinox.
just some guy2021-03-16 11:22:01
blease read berserk, the '97 anime is also very good. do not watch the new movies or the shitty cgi anime, it takes everything that was good about the manga and takes a big fat shit all over it.
2021-03-14 05:02:07
yes i will free from hell good luck people who can survive that sh*t
Rob Van Dam2021-03-13 20:15:18
good frog splash there bernie
Yuri2021-03-11 11:57:56
thx man, it really helped
sunshine2021-03-09 16:22:20
idk why someone searched this and tried it..pls don't you can do it
Dabi2021-03-09 09:30:31
thanks for this!!
2021-03-09 00:56:31
Does this have streets of rage?
SPRITE2021-03-08 18:11:22
retard2021-03-05 15:47:18
dear badspot Just give us the old blockland back people ask for updates yet bitch about it
Blockhead2021-03-05 15:44:00
Badspot have you lost your marbles?
Pussywhipped Satan2021-03-05 15:24:11
Please end the Blockland Forums already.
Re:Blockhead00022021-03-04 02:38:09
Roblox exhibits this even more. The game is worth several billions of dollars, yet only features marginally superior features such as allowing users to create multiple centrally hosted games each with their own servers. Although, the functionality of coding in Roblox and the amount of recycled assets throughout games is nauseatingly lazy.

If Blockland had half of the amount of users Roblox does, in the year 2021, we would most likely see far better innovation in gamemodes, server types, and a far more nurturing enviroment that isn't just motivated by E-money and investments.

Blockland is still a marvel in the building game genre, and carries itelf great for an indie game made in 2007.
Virtual20052021-03-03 23:56:02
hey i was new in blockland can you give me access to the forum
im not alt im not a troll
but hey i like this skin
BADSPOTHATTER2021-03-03 18:45:18
sickos, how could you SUPPORT something like this, yall are beyond distgusting and dirty pls....
BadspotHATTER2021-03-03 18:43:11
This is disgusting, how could you post something like that, and then on top of all of that they post comments like "let us know if this works for you".....? LOOK I KNOW YOUR IN PAIN BUT I NEED U TO KNOW THAT PEOPLE CARE< YOU MAY NOT KNOW OR SEE THEM BUT THEY CARE...... atop listening to what people say about you or to u, just take a deep breath and remember that they dont matter, if they truly cared about you then they wouldn't make you feel this bad
golden2021-03-03 17:40:09
yes finnally i can die thx guys and thx to this peice of shit world i can finnally see my baby sister now goodbye everyone have fun with life
FitnessGram2021-02-26 18:58:43
Sloga2021-02-24 15:03:29
LEGO truly needed something like this, charm and simplicity. Lego World's just doesn't hit the spot quite right. Maybe the world is only truly destined for MineCraft?
Sloga2021-02-24 14:53:01
Ahh, the his'try!
Blockhead00022021-02-23 02:28:10
Yes, that is true. Blockland when it was still a beta software was shown on Tech TV which later got changed to G4 and then later canceled, in 2005.
Now they are doing a reboot with Adam Sessler and Kevin P. bringing back G4 in 2021, and I checked to see there actually have STILL been Blockland updates in the past year and a 75% Steam sale already happened.

What is really hypocritical is this, Minecraft is the most popular building game, bought by a AAA studio, and 10 years later Minecraft is still 5 years BEHIND the technology of Blockland. And even with the insane sales and NASA-level budget of team working on the game, the technology of one guy's code for Blockland is still the best code, and nobody else has made a better multiplayer building game since it was finished out.
serra2021-02-22 15:48:00
I like it I'll post again when i get everything ready i hope it's strong enough.. here's a tip jump from a 15m height that will definitely break your neck and you won't be conscious for the suffocation part wish me luck
Joe Biden2021-02-22 11:23:51
^2021-02-22 01:58:01
He mad lol
Firing Squad Guy2021-02-22 01:53:06
If I tell Badspot to work on a game he refuses to work on, surely he'll work on it this time.
Mardalf2021-02-21 22:11:06
Blockland aired on tv in 2005... What?
-Dave2021-02-21 07:35:16
Ayy, Badspot. The last time I read an update on your game's website was 2016. Game developing, especially as a one-man-show(or close to one) takes a lot of time. But I'm curious, will we see this game officially release? Or is this project kind of shoved aside for a while?

0072021-02-21 01:43:11
Any plans to update? Just curious
Blockhead00022021-02-19 21:35:35
Hello Badspot and commenters,
In response to that I have to give the opinion there is really not a need to update Blockland. It is disrespectful to not appreciate the game and demand Badspot to transfer ownership or update the game.
Blockland was originally aired on TV 2005, it's 2021. The game already got patched into a whole different game since. And it has the best features and GUI/Modding engine out of any of the 3D building games out there, basically allowing you to use Blockland as an engine to make a customized game.

Well, it is rude to demand Badspot update it (in an unrelated chat section) because the game is already done, it's a classic. That is like when they went back and made all of those CGI edits in Star Wars Episode 4, it only made the movie less nostalgic.

What would really help the game now is some advertising/incentives to get a bigger user base with more worlds hosted to explore and possibly attract more paid users, Epic Games Store and some others are doing this as rolling free key giveaways to get bigger user bases for PVP and multiplayer gameplay and it gets people talking about the game.
Czar2021-02-19 12:07:59
"release an update with new bricks/weapons? it'll probably get the game back up to at least 100 players"

"Updates are so rare now and it'd be a fresh game with returning or maybe even new players"

"This game is basically dead."

Download some mods. Or some friends for that matter. That's what makes it fun. This game isn't dead, and won't be until the majority of its player-base stops saying it's dead under a false pretense that "60 players equals dead game lol" and the internet crumbles to ash as a whole. Seriously. I still see new players joining the fun and old players alike coming back to the game even if it's being overshadowed by the new and shiny Brickadia. I've been playing for a solid 5-6 years and don't think it will ""die"" anytime soon. I took a 3-year long break and came back with a majority of the player-count still standing strong. If you honestly believe Blockland is dead, you've got a genuine issue with how you perceive a NUMBER on a menu that is one click away every time you boot it up. Even at the crack of dawn I still see a handful of players, so I feel like people can genuinely settle down on the matter as a whole. Not to mention a now almost seven year-old article about a game where you build stuff.
Czar2021-02-19 11:54:35
It's the end of the world!
2021-02-19 00:16:55
I like2021-02-08 07:05:34
You've got some hot takes, and I love the way you casually dismiss overrated anime despite their respective rabid fanbases. Neon Genesis Evangelion being a good example.

Also to the above commenter: Nobody actually cares about Jojo. It's just a stupid meme.