Smart Man2018-07-08 21:56:24
Making a new Return To Blockland is like making Despacito 2.
Smart Man2018-07-08 19:22:08
A good story will always be tainted when a lgbqt character is put in, but a bad story where the main character is a straight white man with no flaws is saved.
Smart Man2018-07-08 19:18:18
Smart Man2018-07-08 19:17:39
Smart Man2018-07-08 19:13:46
Did you know? The actor who played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace had contemplated committing suicide when he was universally hated by both fans and critics.
Smart Man2018-07-08 18:50:27
Also, the hit Iraqian anime Doraemon might actually be decent compared to RWBY? Which one do you think is better?
Smart Man2018-07-08 18:48:10
This is how a bee hive chooses their new queen.
Smart Man2018-07-08 18:33:59
There was a server that some one made in which players could buy weapon loadouts and engage in close-quarters-combat in a variety of maps. It was a very cool server that must be revived!
Smart Man2018-07-08 18:27:11
People who do not release finished game modes like Heed's TDM or Randomizer tdm are bad people.
Smart Man2018-07-08 17:51:29
Releasing Superkart early was a stupid decision from the developers. They didn't have to give in to demands, but they did. It was the developer's fault that Superkart failed.
Smart Man2018-07-08 16:51:45
Battle Royale sucks cause it originated from a movie in Japan that stole ideas from the Roman Colosseum and twisted those ideals. Everything that comes from Japan is basically weeb crap, so battle royale is weeb crap.