Cblock3602018-07-09 11:14:55
>goes to log into the forums
>In maintenance mode
CBlock3602018-07-08 02:43:03
Doraezach's account was perm banned on the forum but not ingame.
CBlock3602018-07-07 23:52:57
I wonder how officerzach is doing? Last time i've even seen or heard of him he had an arguement about furbies, but this was months ago.
CBlock3602018-07-07 23:28:32
Guys, what if we made superkart 2.0? That will surely revive Blockland!
CBlock3602018-07-07 18:07:47
I will bring Blockland back to life with the power of actually making quality gamemodes that aren't overly complex and are actually fun to play that isn't a bunch of RP BS
Cblock3602018-07-07 00:14:55
Looks like these forums are in...

a Badspot.