Black2018-07-05 22:35:16
... yea that's totally straight
Black2018-07-05 22:14:11
I bet the beginning of SA and 4chan didn't even look like this... This is... Really something
Black2018-07-05 17:22:06
Shut up yosher.
Black2018-07-05 17:19:16
That actually sounds pretty hilarious
Black2005-10-06 18:24:56
this is the most impressive feat yet :D
Black2005-10-06 18:23:32
hehe that games glithcy
Black2005-10-06 18:24:17
wow he does look kinda angelic...
Black2005-10-06 18:26:36
whoa thats really really big...
Black2005-10-06 18:25:48
i tried that it failed miserably
Black2005-10-06 18:21:00
that's beautiful... *cries*
Black2005-10-06 18:20:07
yah if you can get it to drive i'd pay 20 bucks for it
Black2005-10-06 18:21:53
whoa if you ever finish this i'll play it