Busted in GTA
A bad day to run from the law in Vice City.

Packer2005-10-04 05:43:59
Thats not going to end good.
lol2006-04-11 13:10:03
get to 100% yet?
chilli the cop killa2007-01-13 02:56:16
xD common you can do better then that mr vercetti
Skylord2008-01-24 21:06:53
You outa jail yet? If so lets do it again =D
Knaz2008-08-22 20:29:05
Lol, I've done worse :3 I crashedd my car ontop of a SWAT car and I got busted...
.:Panda:.2008-09-27 12:10:22
Wow. I bet that cop wants to try that. :D
Alex Man!2010-06-10 13:53:52
SIR, ARE YOU DRUNK? "Umm...no..." Oh, because your driving a car thats about to explode upside down.
Dionysus2010-11-27 22:25:10
I like the GTA games...they are addicting...in GTA San Andeas, i landed on a heli with a jetpack :o
Lozenge2012-07-15 13:40:06
Can't tell if karma's acting like a bitch again or litterly just bad luck. :P

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