Saddest Booth PAX 2010
The saddest booth at PAX 2010. You have to understand that this was in a large convention center filled to capacity. There was literally no other space I could have photographed that would have had only one person in it.

Reactor Worker2010-09-12 14:00:48
Poor guy. Perhaps they need to rethink their marketing strategy.
General Nick2010-09-14 06:27:58
That sucks.
Tc5722010-09-19 23:41:01
I see Modern Warfare
Okiver2010-09-27 06:45:25
Yea, i see "moderon warfare 2" Too :D
MegaScience2010-09-28 23:32:45
I'd say "That's what you get for making a booth about school at PAX," but I don't know if there were others.
TKA2011-01-17 03:22:16
Actually, that school is where Kevin Smith went. I thought it sounded familiar. If I were to go to PAX I'd probably at least grab a flier. I always regret not trying to go to film school.

My 2c :D
Blooker2011-10-10 15:26:16
Sad booth man is sad :(
Xanderian2012-10-10 01:42:45
Wow, that 'is' sad. Poor guy. Look at his face. I don't think he wanted to be there...

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