Comic Checking Out
The coping mechanism is called evil.

Checking Out

Panel 1
Ms.Checker: Your total comes to $49.59, wuold you like to round up to $50 to donate to cancer research?
Ms.Antrhope: No, thank you.
Ms.Checker: Do you need any help with that today?

Panel 2
Ms.Anthrope: No, I can manage
Ms.Checker: Have a nice day
Ms.Anthrope: You too.

Panel 3
Ms.Anthrope: Unless you get cancer...

Bloody Mary2010-10-16 00:09:04
They do that here, as well.
Then again, we live in the same state.
Actually, the same city.
Proogles2010-10-16 07:06:00
You should seriously consider writing books as well as updating children's building block games.
Kapturrith2010-10-16 07:23:46
Doesn't really happen in Ohio. Thank God, too.
Alex2010-10-16 07:59:20
Have a nice day, Badspot... Unless you get cancer...
Devvy2010-10-16 10:02:15
Ms.Anthrope. Lol.
General Nick2010-10-16 11:21:05
Sounds like something Jesus would do!
Shadowed9992010-10-16 14:47:49
Such a nice lady.

Hope all of you have a nice day...unless you get aids.
TechnoPop2010-10-16 17:27:19
Unless you get cancer...
W2010-10-16 19:18:54
There wasn't enough disgust or disappointment in the checkout girl's voice here.

Typically I tell them that cancer is doing just fine without them researching ways to make more.
Shamoo the fail whale2010-12-01 17:16:44
anyone else beginning to notice that the brown haired girl is a total dick to people.
Eli2011-01-19 23:38:33
lol HA!! this made me laugh so hard :) great job
Yo2011-01-23 20:40:26
These two are obviously Kim Possible and Shego.
I love you.2011-03-06 02:23:20
These comics are so hilarious.
I love the tongue and cheek humor.
Please, keep going. You've got a new fan<3
Alex2011-04-09 05:25:09
What difference would 41 cents make? They ask us for 2 a month here. Not that I'd donate to cancer research. So you all get cancer. Buahahaha
WyndFox2011-12-07 17:55:58
Haha, Ms. Anthrope. Clever.
mike2012-07-18 08:56:37
this isn't funny. i see the irony, but the dialogue is in no way humorous.

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